In Your New Life...

Your head hits the pillow at night with a 24/7 salesperson out there growing your email list for you.

Your done-for-you idea to publishing system in hand, your editorial calendar would now include regular blog, social media, podcast and video content seamlessly merged with your sales calendar.

Here’s what you’ll get

A done-for-you idea to publishing system, complete with an editorial calendar, promotion tracker, and a surefire way to include opt-ins and social media copy every single time.

  • Reclaim Your Time & Get Visible

    Easy to use content marketing system that gets results and saves you time

  • Generate Ideas Constantly

    Headline ideas and insight on how to use different blog post types effectively

  • Get Set Up For Success

    Over a year’s worth of ideas for blog posts, video, and social media that you can apply to your industry

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to the course!

    • How to Use This Course

    • A Message from the Instructor

    • Before we begin...

  • 2

    The Content Planner

    • An Overview of the Content Planner

    • The Google Sheets Version

    • The Trello Version

    • A List of Content Ideas Anyone Can Use

    • Your Student Discount on Additional Content Idea Lists

  • 3

    How to Use the Content Planner

    • How to Use the Content Planner Spreadsheet

  • 4

    Getting Started with Content Marketing

    • What is Content Marketing

    • Set Yourself up for Success

    • Top 3 Tips for Building a Marketable Business and Blog

  • 5

    Get Visible with Social Media

    • Creating Unique and Helpful Content

  • 6

    Learn About Visibility and Search Engine Optimization

    • Help People Find Your Quality Content

    • What is SEO anyway?

    • When should I optimize my website for SEO?

  • 7

    How to Use the Same Content Idea 5 Times and Still Provide Value

    • How People Like To Learn

    • How to Make the Most out of a Blog Post

  • 8

    Brainstorming Ideas

    • Eliminate Overwhelm by Brainstorming Ideas All the Time

    • How I come up with new ideas every day

    • How you can come up with new ideas all the time too

  • 9

    Grow Your Email List with Marvellous Content

    • What is an Opt-in and Why do I need one?

    • Opt-in / Content Upgrade / Freebie Ideas

    • How are you feeling about Opt-ins?

  • 10

    Next steps

    • More resources for you

    • Before you go...


That puts this information within the reach of everyone...from solo entrepreneurs to startups and even corporations.

What Others Are Saying...

About the Better Blogging Blueprint

THIS IS INSANELY good. And organized.

by Amy Hare

“The Better Blogging Blueprint has so much to offer and it’s something people need. This is the ultimate resource for a DIY blogger or for someone who needs the fix for idea drought.”

The content planning system…BLEW ME AWAY!

by Emily Udell

“This is what I never knew I needed! Especially since each item takes very little time on its own, everything seems more manageable.”

Do you want to get ahead of your content?

Go from idea to execution for consistent blogging and launch your products and services in a way that leads to more eyes on your words

This is for you if…

  • You’re willing to learn and take action
  • You feel stuck for ideas
  • You need help making sure you’re taking the right steps to get your content published and noticed

This is not for you if…

  • You’re not willing to do the work
  • You’re not willing to use a system
  • You want everything done for you

Steal my blogging and social media system

See ya, imposter syndrome: You actually know what you’re doing — and you have the ROI to prove it.


Marketing Strategist

Vanessa Shepherd

As a marketing wizard spending my days working behind the scenes, I'm here to help you get loads of raving fans so you can spend more time on creating the products you love. In my back pocket is 20 years of business experience, an undergrad in business administration, and a Masters degree too. I've worked with influencers that are household names, start-ups, governments, small businesses and direct sellers too. You can find me in St. Albert, Alberta, Canada with my husband and our two Airedale Terriers, Gus and Rose. When I'm not working, you can find me planning our next vacay, running kids to after school activities, or working on a new DIY project -- I'm a total Martha Stewart type!


  • I don’t think I have time for this??

    That’s the beauty of having a system that works – you don’t have to spend much time learning it. In a few minutes you can understand what to do and then get to work doing it. The system is designed to give you ideas then walk you through each step of the process to execute it, so you have a straightforward way to showcase your expertise for your dreamy audience.

  • Why should I choose you?

    I have years of experience in social media, marketing, and business, with a snazzy undergraduate degree to prove it. Through my education and prior work experience, I learned not only how to make things “look pretty” but also how to make them functional, engaging and strategic. By hiring me you will be saving yourself hours of valuable time that you can spend on doing the things you love (or taking a nap, whatever you want). You will also be ensuring that your brand and website do the things they are supposed to do…. make you more money.